About Pliio

"Why didn't I think of this?" is what a lot of people say when they first see Pliio in action, so I thought you might enjoy finding out about how it came to be.

As a professional organizer, I'm always looking for ways for things to work a little better or be more comfortable to use. Years ago, I figured out that it was easier to see my t-shirts if they were folded in dimensions that made it easy to 'file' them instead of pile them in a drawer.

It required conscious effort to fold each garment to the same width and height to fit the drawer depth and to make tidy rows. I also had to be careful when putting away or removing clothing from a drawer in order not to mess up the other items. The fabric from one garment can tug on the fabric of another garment and totally undo your folding.

I started to demonstrate this approach to my customers who were struggling to maintain closet order and they were thrilled by it, but it was difficult to maintain. Not everyone could fold so precisely and almost no one had the patience to consistently manoeuvre garments in and out of the drawers with enough care to keep them neatly folded. The system was good, but nowhere near good enough.

So, when the opportunity came up to collaborate with an industrial designer on a tool specifically designed to help fold and manage clothes, I jumped at the chance, and the Pliio Clothing Filer was born.

I tested the product with kids, men, women, athletes, students, 'neatfreaks' and not-so-neatfreaks. They told me it was as if they could have their very own personal organizer helping them to get organized, and most importantly stay organized.

I had fun introducing Pliio on HSN, QVC, and The Shopping Channel and am thrilled it is widely available across North America and beyond.

When not sharing organizing strategies and tools on television, I'm often looking after my wonderful organizing clients. Who knows when I just might stumble across another big problem to solve and the seed for the next invention!

I'm proudly based in Toronto home office, which I love so long as everyone chips in to keep the 'home' in home office tidy. As the mom of two kids, two cats and our miniature dachshund, I am immersed in the challenges of keeping an organized home. No, my house is not perfect, but my closet sure looks grand.

Clare Kumar

Happy Organizing!

Why is it called Pliio?

We love getting questions about the name Pliio. Here are some answers!

How do you say Pliio?

That's easy: Plee'oh, sounds like Rio! But we've heard peeleo, pilo and even phyllo. Makes for a great conversation! Go ahead, give it a try. Or just ask your local retailer for that clothing folding thing. They'll know what you mean.

What does Pliio mean?

A lot of thought goes into choosing a product name. It had to be a word related to folding or organizing, evoke a feeling of simplicity when it was written down, and have few hits if you were "googling" the word.

We had fun exploring words in other languages and settled on the French plier (literally "to fold") as our inspiration.

We first came up with plio, loving the simplicity, interesting sound and Esperanto-like play on plier. But, besides being the lovable lemur from Disney film "Dinosaur", the word plio also relates to the Plio-Pleistocene era, a glacial period in history thus generating over 1.3 million search results. Not so good. Hence the second 'i'. And voilà, Pliio.

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